…where ingenuity and customer needs intersect with engineering

This isn’t just a tagline. It’s part of what sets Abaci apart from the rest. Sure, we’ve got the education, the certifications…PE, PLS, and the years of engineering and surveying experience. But we start from your point of view. We customize solutions that fit your needs. Naturally we bring engineering expertise. Equally important, we bring a wealth of city government and planning and zoning expertise. We’ll help you navigate the political red tape and secure city concessions and contributions.

We’ve negotiated millions of dollars in city participation to our projects. Among them: $500,000 from the City of Winterset; $430,000 for separate projects from the City of Johnston; $25,000 from the City of Grimes; and more. Abaci convinced the cities of Indianola and Bondurant to waive storm water retention for new subdivision projects. Abaci is well known and respected all over central Iowa. Let these relationships work for you.

Mark McMurphy founded Abaci 10 years ago because he felt the larger firms may have been ignoring customer needs. Abaci is all about your needs and your desires. And we’ll help guide the project from inception through implementation. According to Mark, “I am 100% independently owned and have deliberately kept Abaci small because I want to be very involved in all our common sense, tailored solutions. And provide outstanding service for each of our customers. Our projects will be on time. On budget. Every time.”