Project Showcase

Name: Cedar Woods


After annexing and rezoning a 156 acre project, the City of Winterset balked at the use of septic systems that were to be placed uphill from their water reservoir. Experts testified that the water supply would not be impacted but the City stood firm. Litigation appeared eminent.


Abaci negotiated $500,000 in City funding for a Lift Station and Low Pressure Sewer System (LPS) and TIF/tax abatement assistance to help finance the project. The LPS allowed reduced lot sizes and therefore more efficient development of the land.


“I want to thank you for the expertise your firm provided me in the development of Cedar Woods. Not only was the site plan excellent but your assistance in dealing with the myriad of issues that came up was invaluable. Obviously the project would never have been approved without your guidance and representation with city, county and state regulatory bodies. In these tough economic times, I'm very glad I followed your advice. Thanks for keeping my best interests at the forefront.”

– Mike Zuendel, President, Zuendel Investments, LLC


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